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You probably know you can get many benefits from using a Learning Management System(LMS) in your organisation.
But implementing a Learning Management System is not always an easy task. Some of the challenges faced include:
– not setting clear goals
– hidden costs of some LMS providers
– resource allocation
– lack of system integration
– inability to visualise the future.
This is why Learnry, our valuable and ideal Learning Management System is the right solution for many organisations.

All you want from an LMS can be found in Learnry:
– Virtual classroom
– Knowledge management system
– Report and analytics
– Quizzes and assessments
– Customisable certificates
And more!
Thanks to its intuitive interface, it has an almost zero learning curve, which means you can use all of its features right away.
Plus, it doesn’t require a complicated setup. It’s simply plug and play!
Sounds good?
So why don’t you give it a try?
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Companies That Use LMS Saw An Increase In Their Bottom Line

There are many reasons why organizations choose to use an LMS but probably the most attractive one is, it helps them increase their bottom line.
In fact, a study by American Society for Training and Development showed that a $525 annual increase in developmental training per employee investment, led to 57% higher sales and 37% higher gross profit per employee.
As you can see, investing in your employees could result in massive returns!
And that’s just for investing $525 per year in employee training.
You don’t need to invest a huge amount of money to get benefits from training your employees. You just need to take action NOW.

LMS Increases Your Bottom Line, But That’s Not All. LMS Also Saves You Time And Money!

Compared to the traditional in-person methods of employee training, LMS is a much more affordable solution.
For example, you won’t have to worry about printing out 500 manuals and booking a hotel room for your instructor, because all the information your online learners require is right in the LMS.
It allows you to avoid the expensive instructor travel costs, online training site rentals, and printed eLearning materials.
Your employees could access the training online, which would save you a lot of time and money.
Plus, you can also use LMS to automate the onboarding process.
You just need to build classes for onboarding new employees.
Then when you get a new employee, you only need to have them assigned and that’s it!
And you can have peace of mind knowing the new employees will complete their classes properly.
You can keep track of them easily – anywhere and anytime – during the process. Your Internet connection is all you need.
You can do the same for all the learning materials.
Just upload the learning materials to the LMS and publish them.
Once it has been uploaded to the LMS, your employees – even those on the go – can access learning materials anytime.
It should encourage them to keep harnessing their skills since they can easily and quickly access the training to develop skills and perfect work-related tasks.
Of course, it also saves you a lot of money in the long run, since you don’t need to hire instructors several times, print out manual books, or rent the training site.
Just create online training materials once and you’re good to go.
What’s more…

With LMS You Can Make Sure That Everyone Is Always On The Same Page

If your organisation requires all your employees to always stay up-to-date with current compliance regulations, then investing in a Learning Management System can be valuable Compliance laws change on a regular basis, and you know, updating a traditional course to reflect these changes can be a time-consuming chore. Learnry Learning Management System allows you to upload new compliance standards to the platform, making it easily accessible to all your employees.

By doing that, your employees can always be aware of the latest compliance standards they need to be aware of, so your organization avoids costly penalties.

What else? The Learning Management System also gives the power to ensure that every employee is on the same page when it comes to expectations and company policies, which could help boost customer satisfaction and decrease employee turnover.


“Sounds Great! But Why Should I Choose Learnry?”

Good question.
Yes, you do have so many options when it comes to choosing an LMS for your organization.
Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Learnry:
1. It’s easy to use and understand. Learnry is designed with the user in mind. It has a very intuitive interface that eliminates the learning curve. It’s so easy to use you don’t even need to read the manual to understand how all the features work.
2. It’s affordable. You don’t need to spend a fortune to use LMS in your organization. Even better, if you start using Learnry today, you can get a 50% discount to make the price more affordable!
3. Dedicated support team. Whenever you get stuck, just let us know, our helpful support team will get in touch with you quickly.
4. Provide the best learning experience for all your employees. From its easy-to-understand UI, to customizable learning space, to an interactive classroom, Learnry will make sure your employees have the best (and most fun) learning experience.
5. We take the protection of your organisation’s data very seriously. We’re using advanced data security to ensure your organisation’s data is always safe and secured.

Want To See It In Action? Join Our Upcoming Product Demo!

We would be happy to show you how Learnry can help your organisation. If you’re interested, please attend our upcoming product demonstration, and see for yourself all the features that make investing in Learnry an invaluable business decision for your company. We also have a special bonus for anyone who attends: A free pass to attend our Virtual workshop on Strategies for Developing a High-Performance Corporate Academy. Here’s the link to register for the product demonstration:[Link to register]

What You Can Do When You Get Started With Learnry Today

– Train thousands of employees, customers, and even business partners at a fraction of the cost normally incurred with traditional methods.
– Drive a learning culture within your organisation to achieve all the business goals, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and more importantly, increase productivity and profitability.
– Use advanced learning methods to keep up with today’s competitive technological world.
– Quickly update your SOPs, industry regulations, and compliance laws across your organisation and avoid sanctions.
– Plan and hold collaborative virtual meetings quickly and easily.
– Warehouse and manage critical knowledge assets of your organisation in a safe and secure digital platform.
– Build engaging and interactive courses to share across your organisation with Learnry’s embedded course creation tools.
– Address on-demand learning quickly as Learnry is accessible on mobile devices.
– Automate the onboarding process of all your new employees.
– Access high-quality, relevant, engaging, and interactive courses across various functions.

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If you’re still not sure, we offer a 3-month FREE Trial program. During the free trial, you can add 10 staff of your organisation to the LMS and gain access to 5 trial courses. After the trial period, you’ll get a 25% discount if you choose to continue using our service. If not, that’s okay too! Your worst-case scenario is, you’ll get to experience all the amazing features that come with Learnry for the next three months. Here’s a link to register for a free trial: [Link to registration]

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